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1974 Graduation: federal certificate of cabinetmaker.

From 1977 to 1983, he coordinates various construction sites in Saudi Arabia (King Fahd's palace and

a Nova Park hotel in Djedda), in the Azores (Monte Palace and Aqua d'Alto palace), in France (Nova Park Elysée in Paris)  and in Senegal (various furniture assemblies).

1983 Purchase of a workshop in Grandsivaz and specialization in the restoration of furniture and various woodwork.

1995 Foundation, in collaboration with several friends of the GREM (Group of cabinetmakers and furniture restorers).

1999 With his vehicle he joins the RAD (raid Afrique développement) to deliver medicines and materials to Chad.

2000 Discovery and revelation of woodturning, following a demonstration by Jean-François Escoulen and André Martel.

2001 Participation in the World Turning Days in Puy-St-Martin

2002 Takes various courses in applied chemistry in cabinet making with Serge Proniewski, Gilbert Delcroix and  Patrick Vastel, professor at the Ecole Boulle.

2002 Takes a course with Jean-François Escoulen on eccentric turning.

2003 Gives his first introductory course in turning at the professional school of Bulle





2004 Exhibition at the Galerie des Remparts in Romont 2005 Exhibition all in wood at the Musée du Val de Charmey

2006 Exhibition at the YAQA Gallery in Chavannes-sous-Orsonnens

2006 2nd prize at the popular art contest in Romont

2007 Exhibition at the Grangeneuves gallery

2007 Participation in the travelling exhibition of the l'AFTAB 

2007 Exhibition AFTAB in St.-Paul-en-Jarez (France)

2008 Prize for the technical mastery and prize of the blow of court to the contest of popular art of Romont

2009 Exhibition at the Gallery O ' Local, Estavayer le lac

2009 Exhibition at the Gallery of Grangeneuve, Fribourg

2011 Exhibition at the Gallery J.J Hofstetter, Fribourg

2014 Exhibition at the Gallery of grangeneuve, Fribourg

2016 Exhibition at the Gallery of La Chaumière, Montriecher

2017 Exhibition at the museum of Charmey

2018 Exhibition at the YAQA Gallery, Chavannes sous orsonnens

2019 Exhibition at the Espace aurore, Sorrens

2020 Exhibition at the Museum of Bugey-Valromey (France), Lochieu

2020 Exhibition at the Gallery Au Graal, Fribourg

2021 Exhibition at the Gallery 2016 in Hauterive, Neuchatel

2022 Exhibition at the Gallery Bleu de Chine, Fleurier

2023 Exhibition at the Chateau de La Roche, Ollon

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